Charis Charalambous

Collection Title: Point Zero

Course(s): Construction 2, Construction 3, Fashion Techniques: Leather, Machine Knitting, Patternmaking

Class of: 2015

When you start something from scratch, when you are at level zero, the only way to go is up. Eighteen months ago, I came to Parsons with a dream and an eagerness to learn. I had no previous knowledge on figure drawing, technical drawing or construction techniques. Fast forward to today, I can in no way claim that I have reached the top, or learned everything there is to learn, but I am a lot closer than I was at the beginning and I can confidently say that I have gained a solid foundation onto which I can continue building in the years to come. After learning the basics, during this last semester, I have managed to push myself and experiment with different textile manipulation techniques using the heat-press and laser-cutting machines allowing me to start finding my own personal style. As I’m about to graduate, I feel positive that my work – from which you are getting a small sample – strongly represents my design aesthetic: colors, prints and innovative textiles combined in an effortless way.