Xianyang Zhang

Collection Title: Research_Tech+Fashion+Design

Course(s): Construction 3

Class of: 2018

Faculty: Bopha Hul

Due to my technological background and entrepreneur working experience, I tend to see things differently. Is there another method to do this? Is it the best way to achieve that goal? Is there any problem in the whole process that I can solve or improve? As an outsider in the fashion world, I am always trying to “remix” tech and fashion. For this project, I mainly focus on looking for an alternative approach other than the traditional fashion design process- 2D pattern making/ draping. The outcomes of this exploration are three digital fashion design workflows that I discovered. These digital design workflows can not only save time and reduce cost but can also generate more complex shape and bring a different aesthetic to the fashion world. And this is just the beginning, there are still tons of possibilities waiting for discovering. I will definitely continue this journey.

Special thanks to my Professor Bopha Hul, for her encouragement and patience.