Buy Nothing New Month Project

Post Date: October 29, 2014

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Buy Nothing New Month Project: 44 students, 1 month, ZERO new stuff

Inspired by the international Buy Nothing New Month, this project aims to explore the behaviors and values of Millennials (aka Y generation) in the context of consumerism and sustainable alternatives (sharing, swapping, making, second-hand) to consumption through facilitation of a Buy Nothing New Month challenge. In this challenge 44 BBA students were asked to buy nothing new (other than food and absolute necessities) during the month of October and to document their experiences in various formats, capturing personal creative reflections on the project.

Students’ reflections, in forms of text, images, and videos are presented in a dedicated blog as well as in the students’ personal journals. The project will be presented in a student panel event that will take place on November, 13 2014, 7pm at Klein Conference Room, Alvin Johnson/JM Kaplan Hall 66 West 12th St, Room A510.