The School for Design Strategies welcomes Christian Schneider to Full Time Faculty

Post Date: January 24, 2012

Christian Schneider joins Parsons the New School for Design Strategies as an Associate Professor of Design and Management. He has a background in strategic design consulting – he worked as a designer for Studio De Lucchi and as a project leader for IDEO, building and running comprehensive consulting programs. Guiding IDEO Milan he collaborated with Sottsass Associati and with DeLoitte Italy exploring synergies between design and business consulting in the late nineties. Clients include Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Ferrari, FSB and Siemens amongst others. As an academician, he has run Studio projects for the Polytechnic University in Milan (MFA Strategic Design), for the IED Milan (BA Industrial Design), for Zeppelin University (MBA) and the HFG Pforzheim (MA Creative Direction). He worked as a visiting Professor at Carleton University Ottawa (Faculty of Engineering and Design), and held lectures and workshops at the btk Berlin, Art Center, Stanford University, Domus Academy, the ESDI in Rio amongst others. He works as an executive mentor and develops programs for transformational change and for the placement of innovation competences in corporate structures. His interest is to cross fertilize academic exploration and current professional requirements. In senior studio courses guides student in building their innovation projects connected to current economical settings as well as social and urban developments. Christian also serves at the University Faculty Senate.