Fashion Publishing Comes to a Close

Fashion Publishing is an intensive workshop course focused on the written word while delving into all the facets of the publishing industry. From feature writing to social media content calendar creation, students are taught–via practical assignments, several industry guest speakers, and news-based lectures–the functions of this vast and important part of the fashion industry.

Guest speakers for the class functioned as guest lecturers, chosen based on their respective backgrounds. For example, Christene Barberich, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of style site Refinery29 spoke to the class on digital publishing while Vanessa Friedman, Chief Fashion Critic of The New York Times, spoke on the newspaper’s role in fashion publishing and the state of fashion criticism.

The class culminated in the presentation of final projects, where the students were tasked to create a publication of their own design. They were given the entire semester to work on this and had fairly free reign to create a something reflective of their creativity. However, they had to have a clear market position, present the competitive landscape, give a brief overview of revenue streams, and include two original long-format features and an original fashion editorial. While the students were given the freedom to create a publication of their choice — be it print, digital or social — all the groups chose to create print work.

Presented here is MAGAZINE!, one of the final projects. Every image, every article, and every concept in this book is original–the students shot, wrote, styled and designed the entire publication as per the task. They were permitted to outsource content creation and execution, as long as the content was original and commissioned by their editorial team.

Included in MAGAZINE! is reporting from Art Dubai, a gorgeous editorial styled by McLayne Ycmat, a piece marking the launch of the new Marc Jacobs beauty line, and an in-depth profile with singer Stephanie McCay featuring all original photography.

It’s a pleasure to present this work.

MAGAZINE! Editorial team as follows:

Tyler Stafford

Managing Editor
Yirou Chen

Fashion Director
Zijun Shi

Features Editor
Lara Arbid

Sophia Colvin
Morgan W.S. Young