Music Video: Butterfly 蝴蝶

FiFi Xuefei Zhang

“Butterfly” is a music video seen through machine hallucination based on a song that I wrote, sang and produced. Entering the new era of Artificial Intelligence, the creativity of AI will have a tremendous impact on human creativity. It makes me wonder: How will machines see us? What will they dream of? Is it a dream within a dream?



The music video is inspired by the story of Zhuangzi’s Butterfly Dream, demonstrating the future I envision: an unbounded world between reality and dreams. It also expresses my deepest fear of the constant gaze from the "the eye" of our computers.


The project is supported by tools including
TouchDesigner, AE, RunwayML, and Ableton Live.

Watch my other music videos on YouTube.


visual designer / singer / music producer
visual designer / singer / music producer
Thesis Faculty
Kyle Li
Jessica Marshall
Colleen Macklin
Andrew Zornoza
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