May 12, 2020
6:00 – 8:40 PM EDT

6:00 PM Livestream begins

6:05 PM Session 1

“EmotiTactor: Emotional Expression of Robotic Physical Contact” – Ran Zhou

“Wanderlust into (y)our past: Mediating Intimacy for Prosocial Co-existing with Your Loved One in COVID-19 Home Quarantine” – Masaki Iwabuchi

“Às̩e̩ – An Afrofuturistic space for self-care” – Iman Diarra

“Big Talk: A digital aid for public speaking” –  Rebecca Gill Clarke

“Office Sense” – Stephanie Murphy

“Multidimensional Portals” – Sonia Colunga

7:00 PM Q&A hosted by Glenn Cantave

7:15 PM Session 2

“Agritopias” – Jeharrah Pearl

“Octo-hugs: Creating a Toy with the Power of Hugs” – Bex Ruvalcaba

“Disaster Emergency Decision-Making System (DEDM)” – Bohan Chen

“The U.S.’s Electoral System is Broken” – Lionel Miele-Herndon

“Signature: Actions Have Consequences” – Akshansh Chaudhary

“SOMATA” – Ming Ma

“KA-Ching: Gen Z deserves a better finance platform” – Fan Marin & Roy Wu

8:20 PM Q&A hosted by Marijke Jorritsma


May 13, 2020
6:00 – 8:40 PM EDT

6:00 PM Livestream begins

6:05 PM Session 1

“Meeting the Object Alchemist” – Jeffrey Geiringer

“Agents of Spatial Influence” – RAY LC

Machinic Interpolations: A GAN Pipeline for Integrating Lateral Thinking in Computational Tools of Architecture” – Karen El Asmar

“Masked Contexts: Reappropriating & Contextualizing Image Datasets” – Noah Edelstein

“Apprenticeship 2.0: Crafting with Textiles in VR” – Bolor Amgalan

“DarkMatter Optomizer_01: The performance of Autonomous systems” – Brooke Smith

7:00 PM Q&A hosted by Pinar Yoldas

7:15 PM Session 2

“Search Record: Imagining New Contexts for Personal Data” – Jon Packles

“zine net work” – Cassandra Hradil

“Hack(Comedy)” – Lan Zhang

“Alternative Realities: ‘Protect me from what I want'” – Shirley Leung

“A Post-Work Renter’s Paradise” – June Lee

“Tactility and Care” – Aliza Mahmood

“Queering Our Interface” – Elena Gold

8:20 PM Q&A hosted by Mimi Onuoha


May 14, 2020
6:00 – 8:40 PM EDT

6:00 PM Livestream begins

6:05 PM Session 1

“Divine Madness” – Ian Henderson

“interface automata” – Zihao Chen

“Yī Fù” – Wendi Wang

“Muscle Sanctum” – Yashwanth Iragattapu

“Snailor” – Yue Zhang

“VR Game: Honk!” – Yanzhe Wu

7:00 PM Q&A hosted by micha cárdenas

7:15 PM Session 2

“Mental Health & Filmmaking During a Pandemic” – Mariah Marasco

“A Mile In Their Roots: Plant Perception” – Carolina Melo

“Life Underground: Pre & Post Pandemic” – Zinah Bazarbashi

“In the Life on Lenox” – Zhané Lloyd

“Augmented Remembrance: Women of the Triangle Fire” – Katherine Obermeyer

“Toys “4” Us: Zoomfomercial” – Brandi Kinard

“Music Video: Butterfly” – FiFi Xuefei Zhang

8:20 PM Q&A hosted by Nicole He


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