Tiga Wu

「space55」 is my personal digital space

I use my laptop for most of my daily activities, coding, drawing, music, surfing the web. However, I'm not entirely satisfied with my daily digital experiences. Every software has completely different aesthetics (both visually and functionality-wise), styles, and level of customizability. It often frustrates me when certain softwares are too bloat, too ugly, too slow, or no room for customization.

I want my digital space to be like my own house that I can decorate however I want, and be comfortable and safe at any time! So I started this life long project to build my digital environment from scratch.

It is basically my digital garden, but it's also my computer system! I take care of my plants, interact with my pets, and just enjoy the sun shine like I would in my real garden.

As a game developer, I spend most of my time coding. My text editor is my home, so I chose to make a text editor as the first "practical" feature of space55. Heavily inspired by my previous text editor - vim, it is very lightweight and ergonomics oriented.


This project is built with my own game engine DIRTY, which I started 1 year ago as a research to Rust (programming language) and real-time rendering technologies. Also 「space55」is still a big WIP partly because I spent most of my time working on the engine.

Thesis Faculty
Ayo Okunseinde
Brad McDonald
Jamie Keiles
Colleen Macklin
Ernesto Klar
Alexander King
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