Tailored lighting treatment

shuyang wang

Healthy lighting - “Tailored” Lighting Intervention is a speculative design happening in a future dystopian world in which the ability to experience full spectrum light is even worse than it is today. In this “world”, the lighting environment is getting worse because of the air pollution and light pollution, and circadian rhythm disorder has become a very common phenomenon in society. People have to live in a tailored lighting treatment environment every day to maintain a regular circadian rhythm.

I use storytelling to imagine how lighting might benefit the inhabitants of my speculative dystopian world, I hope my project will not only explore a new possible method of tailored lighting intervention in healthy lighting, but also raise the public awareness about light pollution and health lighting.

UX designer & Fan of Carmelo Anthony
UX designer & Fan of Carmelo Anthony
Thesis Faculty
Thesis2 John Roach
Thesis2 Barbara Morris
Thesis1 Aya Karpińska
Thesis1 Louisa Campbell
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