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Hi, Grandma

Hi, Grandma

Project Description

My thesis is focusing on building a better way of communication between me and my grandma, who lives in the rural side of China, not having much access to modern technology. Exploring how high technology communication can be designed for Low-tech elderly people. Hi, Grandma is a communication program connected with the TV that enables my grandma to view, interact, and respond with various media messages. My grandma can access the contents using the simple button and existing TV device.

About my Grandma

My grandma is called Yumei Chen, 78 years old. She lives in Zhongmou County and spends her whole life in that area. She lives alone and has four children(the furthest is about one hour drive away), many grandchildren, and only one granddaughter(Study in the United States). Her technology level is deficient; she only knows how to watch TV(colored TV with a wifi connection) and elderly cell phones. I found out that TV and Wifi internet can be very helpful tools for us to communicate through the long distance. My grandmother’s hobbies are watching tv, listening to Chinese opera, and chatting with other people. She spends her whole life in this area where she doesn’t have many chances to access the outside world. She doesn’t have much access to new technology as well. She can use her elderly cell phone to contact other people, except me.

How it Works?


Raspberry pi, Wifi connection, my grandma’s TV screen


  • plug in the raspberry pi with the TV with the usb cable
  • set up the button on the table
  • open the program
  • use button to play with the program

Hi Grandma will be designed as a plugin device that can be plugged into the TV screen, button speaker, and Audio associated with the Raspberry Pi. It enables the user to send files from the PC to Raspberry pi. There are several goals I need to achieve. The first goal is to send files between PCs to Raspberry Pi, the second goal is to enable the user to manipulate the device by using the buttons, and the last goal is to record audio from Raspberry Pi and send it back to the PC.

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