Ziyue Qiu

Game Designer/3D Artist
Ziyue is a Game Designer and 3D Artist in NYC.
Ziyue is a Game Designer and 3D Artist in NYC.
Thesis Faculty
Melanie CreanBen NorskovErnesto KlarXin XinOr ZubalskyCharles Huang

This is My Flock

We live in a society in which people are glued to their phones. Everyone from businesses, clout-chasers, politicians, and even our pets have social media accounts. There’s always a certain annoying family member who’s making their political opinions known to the world. Social Media has become the preferred medium for spreading fake news and half-truths. It has become too easy to rile up the masses of Sheeple with a few inflammatory posts and some online drama. 

This is My Flock is an interactive visual novel about online indoctrination. Players take control of a social media account. Your goal is to battle all the haters and make your political takes known to the world.

Throughout the way, journalists will try to debunk you and celebrities will try to cancel you. It’s up to you to defend yourself. Will you amass an army of Stans to do your bidding or fade into absolute obscurity?