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Housed here are interdisciplinary projects where design meets technology, art meets analysis, analog meets digital, and chaos meets order. 

As emerging designers, we’ve learned to navigate the uncertainties of our creative practices, seeking knowledge from the unknown. Our thesis show is a testament to the marvels of embracing this unpredictability. “Entropy” is our last peroration before we step into a new system of randomness, where the possibilities are endless. 

Join us as we celebrate the beauty of chaos and the power of creativity.

Hosted by the Class of 2023. 


MAY 15TH, 2023

Kellen Auditorium,
66 Fifth Avenue

Screening of sections of students’ work that are time-based: films, videos, game trailers, and live performances. From experimental visual journeys to thought-provoking narratives, these projects witness and reflect on the changing world around us.


MAY 16TH & 18TH, 2023

6 East 16th Street,12th Floor

An exhibit featuring interactive work, mixed media installations, products, games, and augmented and virtual reality spaces. Experience the culmination of speculative, futuristic, cutting-edge, abstract, philosophical, and traditional digital technologies here.


May 16TH & 18TH, 2023

Online, Zoom Meeting

A discursive space for students and practitioners, bridging the gap between academy and industry, one presentation at a time. Join over 40 students and 8 practitioners as they discuss projects across health, storytelling, social impact and more.