Yookyung Kim

Product Designer
Thesis Faculty
Clarinda Mac Low, Sven Travis, Loretta Wolozin, Chris Prentice



Personalized community app for the visually impaired people

In the realm of inclusive design and addressing the challenges faced by recently visually impaired individuals, the project embarks on exploring the potential of an innovative app named “B.bond.” This endeavor delves into the question of how a sighted designer can contribute to the community of individuals who are undergoing a sudden transition to their new way of life due to visual impairment. Rooted in the domains of study encompassing accessibility, human-computer interaction, and community-building, the project aims to tackle the problematic scenario of isolation and difficulties in connecting with others that the visually impaired often encounter. By drawing upon theoretical frameworks such as social constructivism and participatory design, the app endeavors to establish and nurture communities of practice, fostering a sense of belonging, support, and empowerment for those navigating their new reality.

In response to the question of how a sighted designer can contribute to the community of recently visually impaired individuals, the B.bond app has been conceptualized as an inclusive and accessible platform. Designed for individuals undergoing a sudden transition to visual impairment, the app comprises an intuitive interface designed with accessibility in mind, featuring built-in screen readers, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text functionalities, and haptic feedback for efficient navigation. The technical components encompass robust backend systems for secure data management and real-time communication. The key aspect of the methodology employed includes extensive user research, collaboration, and iterative development cycles to ensure the app meets the specific needs and preferences of the visually impaired community. The goals of B.bond are to alleviate feelings of isolation, facilitate meaningful social interactions, and empower users to explore new opportunities and interests.

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