Yiqing Zhou

Interaction Designer | Creative Technologist
Thesis Faculty
Sven Travis, Loretta Wolozin, Jess Irish, Ethan Silverman



An innovative AI-powered AR game that embodies the fun of paper folding

Have you ever wished you could reach in and touch the game world through physical play, or specifically, paper folding? For centuries, the art of paper folding, or origami, has brought joy to people of all ages and skill levels. In today’s digital world, can technology capture the essence of the tactile and tangible experience of origami?

FoldWorld is an innovative AI-powered AR game that embodies the fun of paper folding. With FoldWorld, players can interact with the projected interface by physically folding. With each folded form, players bring the projected character to life, advancing his small quests to deliver the mail. It challenges players’ spatial reasoning abilities, embodied problem-solving skills, creativity and imagination.

FoldWorld explores a new medium of games that merges the tactile interaction of board games with the dynamic experience of video games. It demonstrates the practical application of machine learning to tangible user interfaces, highlighting the potential of this interaction mechanism in various scenarios, including gaming, storytelling and STEM education.

#AI/ML #AR #Tangible Interaction
#Puzzle Game #Origami #Interactive

For more information, please visit: https://yiqing-zhou.glitch.me/p-foldworld.html


This project is created by Yiqing Zhou.

Thesis Studio Faculty: Sven Travis, Jess Irish
Thesis Writing Faculty: Loretta Wolozin, Ethan Silverman
Special Thanks to: John Sharp, Xin Xin, Justin Bakse, Shirley Leung, Colleen Macklin, and my wonderful peers

Libraries: P5.js, p5.play, Teachable Machine