Heeya Mody

A creative technologist passionate about addressing systemic biases in society
Thesis Faculty
Melanie Crean, Alexander King, Tresson Canley, Xin Xin, Ernesto Klar, Aaron Freedman



“Seeds” is a garden of tales, each one a seed that tells a story of struggle and injustice. Like delicate petals, the stories unfold, revealing the painful truth of misdiagnoses in healthcare due to skin bias. Through the power of data visualization, the garden blooms with life, showcasing the diverse voices of those affected. By nurturing each seed with empathy and understanding, we can grow a garden of change that holds medical institutions accountable and creates a fairer healthcare system for all.

Step into the body of a mannequin, and discover the stories that lie within. Learn the words it buries under the skin. While it nurtures its environment, help the mannequin nurture itself.

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