Krish Munde

Creative Technologist • Experience Designer • Front-End Developer
I'm a multidisciplinary creator blending design, engineering, and AI to craft immersive art installations. With a focus on human-centered design, I merge technology and creativity to create captivating experiences and solve convoluted problems.
Thesis Faculty
Rae HsuChao Hui TuEthan Silverman


Experimental Therapeutic Immersive Experience

Soula is an experimental therapy for people who have recently experienced heartbreak. This therapy takes the form of an immersive experience inside a room, consisting of three stations that correspond to each stage of heartbreak. As you navigate through each station and phase of heartbreak, you will be rewarded by Soula (me) with an affirmation card. Eventually, when you reach the last station, you will be certified by Soula for healing yourself.The theme of classical elements combines all the stations into one cohesive experience.

This project started because I went through multiple heartbreaks and every time I found it equally hard to heal. Whenever I felt heartbroken, there wasn’t any good way to feel better. It was always really tough and made me feel drained. I started asking myself, “Why can’t healing be enjoyable?” and “Why isn’t there a special therapist/Doctor in the society to help with heartbreaks?” That’s when I came up with Soula (Doula for the soul). It’s a way for me to help people heal from heartbreak in a fun and positive way.

Entrance & Exit

At the entrance, participants submit a text describing their heartbreak, initiating the therapeutic journey. This text is incorporated in the stations to create a personalized experience.

At the exit, participants receive a certificate (souvenir) as a testament to their healing journey.

Station 1

Station 1 || Phase Anger & Frustration || Element Earth

At Station 1, participants engage in a cathartic game using a pillow interface connected via touch sensitive fabric and touch sensor. Participants punch virtual obstacles(rocks), symbolizing the release of pent-up emotions.

Station 2

Station 2 || Phase Bargaining || Element Fire

At Station 2, participants confront their emotions by interacting with a crackling bonfire and a mysterious machine. They choose to release or retain their emotional burdens, symbolizing bargaining and introspection.

Station 3

Station 3 || Phase Acceptance || Element Water & Air

At Station 3, participants encounter a calming space surrounded by water. They confront their reflections and embrace self-love and acceptance, symbolized by their shadow dissolving into the water.This station involves Soula’s interaction/performance with the participant to help them find the ultimate gesture of self-love.

Soula is unique and beneficial to society because it offers a holistic approach to healing from heartbreak. Unlike traditional therapy methods, Soula provides an immersive and experiential journey that addresses each stage of heartbreak through interactive stations. By combining therapeutic techniques with elements of gamification interaction and performance, Soula offers a novel and engaging way for individuals to process their emotions and move towards healing.

Additionally, Soula aims to fill a gap in existing mental health services by specifically targeting the emotional challenges of heartbreak, providing a much-needed resource for those experiencing this common & convoluted yet often overlooked form of psychological distress.

Special Thanks to Yuchang Lin for helping me with TouchDesigner (Water interaction part).