Spring 2022 conversations on new fashion praxis

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The “Slow + Fashion” session by Hazel Clark has been postponed. It will be take place on May 2nd, 2022. 

The Fashion Praxis Lab will host a series of informal conversations this Spring 2022.
When: Mondays from 3:00 – 4:00 pm
Where: The new Fashion Hub Room #305 (39 W 13th st, 3rd Floor).
What: informal conversations on the following topics;
04/04 – Fashion and Emotion | Otto von Busch
04/18 – Slow + Fashion | Hazel Clark  SESSION POSTPONED 
05/02Slow + Fashion | Hazel Clark
These sessions are open for the TNS community.
Welcome, and hope to see you there!

Wikipedia edit-a-thon at Parsons

It is time for the yearly update and editing of the “Sustainable Fashion” page on Wikipedia.

In 2019 The Fashion Praxis hosted the first of the Sustainable Fashion Wikipedia edit-a-thons arranged by the Union of Concerned Researchers (UCRF). As Wikipedia is one of the first resources people visit online for information around almost any topic, this source must contain adequate links and references and stay updated and relevant.

Now it is time for another edit-a-thon hosted by the Fashion Praxis Lab. Come by for some collaborative work!

When: Monday, February 28th, 3-5 pm.
Where: UC library, room 606.

We hope to see you there.

Circularity and Vitalism in fashion

A new book is out by one of the lab’s collaborators: Vistas of Vitality.

Over the years, the limits of current discourse on sustainable fashion has been a recurring theme in the lab. To discuss circularity under a paradigm of growth does not seem to reduce the impact of an increasing push and pace of consumption. Neither does it address the lack of meaning and agency in how we consume and interact with garments. So far, the solutions, such as asceticism, hit the needy more than those who have power and status. When it is not moralizing the aspirations of the poor, sustainable fashion seems stuck in a paradox.

One approach discussed across the lab has been to put emphasis on how nature handles growth and learn from living systems. Part of this discussion Otto von Busch put together in a short book “Vistas of Vitality” – it can be downloaded from SelfPassage (and ordered here).

Fashion, Emotion and Self – a way of praxis

The Fashion Praxis Lab continues to explore the depths of dress practice on the topic of Fashion, Emotion and Self. There is now room to discuss this on the New School  platform Public Seminar (run together with Lisa Rubin at New School’s psychology department). We aim to bring together researchers to discuss how we can better frame and articulate the experience and existential depths of fashion.

We plan to make this a symposium and possibly a publication in the coming years. Stay tuned.