The Fashion Praxis Lab is a loose structure with participants from across the New School and beyond.

Praxis council:
Christina Moon (ADHT), Otto von Busch (SDS), Lucia Cuba (SoF)

Praxis Lab fellows:
Sanem Odabasi (2019-2020)

Praxis Lab collaborators in exile:
Pascale Gatzen (ArtEZ), Timo Rissanen (UTS).

Praxis Lab contributors:
Laura Sansone (SDS), Hazel Clark (ADHT), Fiona Dieffenbacher (SoF), Victoria Hattan (NSSR), Laura Y. Liu (Lang),  Elizabeth Wissinger (CUNY), and engaged students from the Fashion Studies program at Parsons.

Praxis Lab research assistants:
Sp2020: Calista Huynh & Anna Olson
Fa2020/Sp2021: Calista Huynh