2019 End of Year IDp Catalog

2019 End of Year IDp Catalog

Class of: 2019

There are 38 of us who didn’t fit into any other category at Parsons, bringing 38 degrees of interdisciplinary thought to the table. There are 38 different perspectives, projects and individual degrees determined by each participant. The exhibition title accounts for all of them and all of us.
— Cassandra Bils

No single declarative degree could encompass the endeavors of those enrolled in the Integrated Design Program. The major is a convergence of community-oriented makers and thinkers who bring forth their different mediums to make projects with greater potential.

In this exhibition each student’s BFA degree, as with each student’s cumulative thesis project, is representative of an individual point of view. These unique pathways were riddled with questioning, research, experimentation, and a constant awareness of the ever-changing world surrounding us at this moment in time.

Together, the students and the work, create a framework of potential solutions to problems ranging from overexposure to technology, environmental collapse, the growing gap between socioeconomic strata, among many others issues. There is an undeniable theme of the designer grappling with their identity in the age of automation, social media and instant gratification.