In Flux Poetry

2018 End of Year IDp Catalog

Class of: 2018

Instead of a single title for this exhibition you’ll encounter a string of words that acknowledge a constellation of ideas. “InFluxPoetry disconnect interaction exploration personalizing systems empowerment internet kinky resilience educate beauty inequality furry…” points to the conversations we have negotiated as teachers and learners, makers and thinkers, non-conformists and innovators.

Integrated Designers know how to resist. They hold a curious power to challenge an authoritarian “no” and transform it into a “yes.” They occupy a studio practice that is at one moment tragically paralyzed and at the next feverishly productive. They engage in deeply personal inquiries to explore a vast range of materials and methods including object-based artmaking, service design, creative entrepreneurship, communication design, performance, fashion, media design and social practice. They carve pathways that didn’t exist yesterday.

It would be hard to ignore the technological muscle of this exhibition. The row of glowing interactive screens is like a vending machine of small personal vignettes. Amidst all the LEDs, the objects, garments, and books remind us that physical making remains central to the Integrated Designer’s process and that fire does not have the power to stop creative production.