Paulo Cruz

Beauty in the Age of Social Media

Course: Thesis

Class of: 2021

Beauty in the Age of Social Media examines the warped society we live in and how social media has the ultimate power to influence and persuade people on what makes someone ‘beautiful’. We have taught ourselves that striving to reach an unattainable physical appearance is the norm and that seeking empty validation from others is common practice. This coffee table book serves as a visual representation of the fine line between showcasing self-love and embracing vanity. My own photography of women who inspire me and represent what social media-style imagery means to me is merged with found imagery showcasing the faces who are writing the culture codes for this day-in-age. Beauty is a subjective reality that can not be defined by one particular form. Celebrating oneself no matter how you compare to those around you is the true embodiment of what it means to be beautiful.

Paulo Cruz focuses on the relationship between Integrated Design and Fashion Communication. He grew up in Miami Beach, Florida where he was constantly surrounded by culture and the arts. Paulo has always been drawn to a very minimal aesthetic – blacks, whites, creams, among other neutral tones are part of his everyday color palette which inspire his artistic and creative endeavors. New York City has become his inspiration; the constant energy that drives the city fuels him to be the most transparent artist he can be. Paulo is incredibly inspired by the world of interior design, fashion styling, creative direction and contemporary art. He intends to follow his passion for the arts, interior design as well as fashion from a more curatorial standpoint post graduation. Furthermore, his goal has always been to be passionate, honest and true to himself… completely unafraid to evolve in whichever way my path in life takes him.