Rylie Cooke

The Tactility of Femininity

Course: Thesis

Class of: 2021

The Tactility of Femininity explores constructions of the aesthetic qualities of femininity and its impact on how we navigate and associate gender with the mundane. The Tactility of Femininity is an exploration of how we interpret and visualize femininity through material. The interactive and wearable installation creates and opens dialogue on our subconscious aestheticization of femininity and how this influences our perceptions and notions of gender. Provocative and interpersonal reflections are generated by offering a visual question to why and how we gender colors, shapes, textures, and objects. This reflection allows us to expand our gendering ideas and encode the tactility of femininity through the mundane, opening a space for a more self-critical understanding of our learned gender behaviors through an accessible physical and digital touchpoint.

Rylie Cooke is an interdisciplinary designer who explores femininity through her works. Outside of her installation pieces, she focuses on branding, marketing, PR, and graphic design and is influenced by culture, travel, and design.