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Call for Submissions: Journal of Art Criticism

For our seventh issue, the Journal of Art Criticism (JAC) seeks essays and original artworks that interrogate the notion of temperature in the changing world of contemporary art. Some questions that might guide this exploration include—but are certainly not limited to—the following:

  •  How have contemporary artists represented temperature—physical, emotional, atmospheric, political, social?
  • How does temperature affect processes of migration and transculturation?
  • In what ways have artists engaged with themes of habitable space? Does temperature govern uneven capitalist development? How has contemporary art interrogated globalization?
  • How do contemporary works generate transitional spaces, intermediate states, and moments of discrepancy? How have they fabricated or contested the thresholds or boundaries between elements?
  • Does work surrounding febricity and the climate need to be didactic? Should art seek to transcend anthropocentrism?

We welcome written submissions discussing any work of contemporary art—from painting to performance, relational aesthetics to sculptural installation—so long as it engages critically with some dimension of what it means for art to interrogate or have a temperature. Essays should be 1,000-3,000 words and previously unpublished.

In addition to written submissions, we accept submissions of original visual art in any medium. Artist statements are accepted, but not required. Priority will be given to artworks that engage with the notion of temperature either formally or thematically.

Undergraduate students from any institution are encouraged to submit. Please note that JAC is a strictly undergraduate journal. As such, we are regrettably unable to consider submissions from postgraduates. Submissions are due Friday, January 28th, 2022.

Please visit for full submission instructions.