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Data Visualization & Racial Equity Fellowship

Data Culture x Parsons MSDV

Data Visualization & Racial Equity Fellowship

In partnership with its alumni network, Parsons School of Design’s MS in Data Visualization (MSDV) program is launching an endowed Data Visualization & Racial Equity Fellowship.  As both the first STEM masters program at Parsons School of Design and as an interdisciplinary program, MSDV is uniquely positioned to address systemic barriers and structural anti-Black racism across the technology, data science, and design fields. By reducing the financial burden of higher education in data visualization, the fellowship plays a vital role in supporting educational access and fostering a more representative and equity-focused industry.

The MSDV program and its alumni network will partner with Data Culture Studio to build an endowment while providing immediate scholarship funds for eligible applicants.  Through an innovative fundraising initiative, Data Culture will generate funds via corporate and non-profit clients, who in turn will receive interactive web and mobile impact reports powered by beautiful data visualization and storytelling.  These impact reports will be produced by teams of current students and alumni led by Data Culture Studio staff.

This MSDV Data Culture Studio partnership will pilot a model for sustainable fundraising and contribute to an integrated set of EISJ focused practices and initiatives across the New School and within the greater field of data visualization. The initiative aims to increase educational access, support a growing movement towards addressing systemic anti-Black racism and dismantling institutional racial inequity, and lay a foundation for creative, multi-layered fundraising efforts that deliver tangible impacts for students, alumni, and the data visualization industry at large.

To donate, please reach out to:
André Allaire

Assistant Vice President for Development
Parsons School of Design
phone: (646) 909-3041

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