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Jeremy Ripley, MFA Textiles, Morpho + Genesis

I have integrated my textiles into sculptural forms. Forms grow from my love of geometry. “Darkness” had sections of black knit material, stitched together and stretched within a spherical Platonic form. The piece changes as you move around it forming interacting moiré patterns.

I created a physical visualization of a humming sound wave from the triply periodic minimal surface knows as the gyroid. Its created from white sound absorbing knit wool. It can be easily scaled to fit various spaces to control echoes and unwanted external noises.

Another form, the Enneper surface, created a continuous undulating circular form. This textile is woven by changing colors to create gradients from red to purple to blue to purple to red. The colors circulate. The form has been given a skeleton and with the aid of strings it is able to move like a marionette. I, the puppeteer, makes the textile dance.

My textiles and their forms mimic the way nature changes and creates patterns. The layering of textiles to create moiré patterns. Textiles to show sound and to physically absorb these natural vibrations. Textiles to create dancing patterns that can change, move and rotate forever: into infinity.

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