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Mackenzie Drummond, BFA Integrated Design, Tending to Self

My thesis project, Tending to Self, attempts to alleviate stress by creating a space for users to take a break and engage in a variety of tactile, analog activities. There are seven kits, one for each day of the week. The pace is designed to alternate between actively making and passively taking in sensory objects as a break. Each kit contains instructions, uniquely made tools, and
prompts. These prompts are meant to facilitate reflection, expression, and connection with yourself and others. Alleviating stress and preventing burnout is an individual and continuous process. Because self care is subjective and changes person to person, the kits encourage the user to take the tools and create with our own materials and methods, customizing outcomes. Connections and integration between the kits creates opportunities to collaborate with yourself and others. Over time, creating this small space daily to make something with our hands and connect with the senses intends to build a greater awareness of self and form habits to better cope with the stresses of life.