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Sujon Ishaq, BFA Architectural Design, The Thai Wellness Centre

My main goal through this project was to create a space that would provide an opportunity for the locals of Ban San Si to practice the art of Thai medicine, especially since the village does not currently have a medical centre. Unlike western medicine and healthcare practices, Thai culture is heavily influenced by the connection of body and mind, and treating it through a combination of natural elements like herbal medicine as well as through yoga, meditation, and Thai massage. These functions are incorporated throughout the project. The traditions of herbal medicine and Ayurveda are also perpetuated through the herb and flower gardens in the courtyard that provide resources for making the medicine. Additionally, there is also a shop where readymade medicine can be bought by locals and foreigners to generate revenue for the wellness centre. There is also a kitchen and dining space for people to gather and share meals to bring a sense of community. Most of the spaces I have designed can also have multiple functionalities so they can transform to fit the need of the locals as they see best.