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Susan Lee, AAS Interior Design, The Peak Hotel

Patagonia is a branded company specializing in outdoor apparel and equipment. The project is to select a brand without a hospitality presence and design a sustainable hotel located at 66 West 12th Street and 65 West 11th Street, New York, New York.

Launched in 2018, Patagonia Action Works is the brand’s digital platform aimed to connect eco-principled individuals
to environmental organizations working on issues in the same community. In designing a physical space to support
Patagonia’s environmental and social initiatives through grassroots activism, this business conference hotel offers a learning and networking center.

The concept of the proposed plan brings nature inside the main building in alignment with the values of the brand. By creating an atrium containing a natural biome, a hotel guest can find a nature-inspired place to escape from the city. The concept of bringing the outdoors indoors, and yurts inspired the guest rooms.

Patagonia endorses eco-friendly principles as its current mission statement is being in business to save our planet. Using solar panels on the roof and harvesting rainwater align with the brand. In sum, at the Peak Hotel, a guest learns, eats, breaths, sleeps and has fun while helping to save our planet.