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Tommy Yang, M.Arch, The Nuanced -Topia

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The Nuanced Topia challenges reclamation and development by the introduction of a hybrid junction for the creation of a hyper-micro immigrant community within the 74-Roosevelt Ave Station. The pervasive framework hinges on spaces of
opportunities that engulf the existing train structure creating spaces for the day to day actors. Here architecture is an assembly of programs, plugged into the pervasive system of the whole. Becoming a fable between existing sites and its artifacts of process and deriving from the clash of the urban grids and intersection of transportation arteries. In this framework lives objects, humans, trains, buses, and the nuanced acts of life are congregated. Interrelated zones allow characters to create, tell, and showcase fantasies that hinge themselves on the existing infrastructure of the International Rail Line. By incorporating these spaces into the act of reclamation, my thesis examines the site as a convergence of urban ecosystems, industrial artifacts and human events. The actions of the characters maintain the -topias fantasies for anarchic uprivals, environmental efficiency, ethical treatments and the production of self and goods.

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