Setting up Zoom


Zoom is a powerful, easy to use web conferencing tool that enables real-time communication and collaboration between distributed participants on web-enabled devices through audio and video, screen sharing, and chat. Meetings can be recorded for playback and archiving.

Meeting hosts can invite up to 300 participants, including those from outside The New School community.

Getting Started

Go to, click the Sign In button, and log in with your NetID and password. If you don’t already have an account, an account will automatically be created for you. The first time you use Zoom on any given computer, you must install the Zoom software. Click Download Client in the footer and follow the instructions for downloading Zoom Client Meetings. For mobile devices, the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app can be downloaded for iOS and Android from the iTunes and Google Play Store.

Zoom Best Practices

Zoom Web Conferencing is one of the easiest ways for The New School staff and students to connect and communicate online. To help guarantee that your meetings and conferences are as effective and pleasant as possible, we’ve prepared a few simple video conferencing etiquette tips.

Check all of your equipment

Time is precious, check all equipment beforehand, to ensure that you don’t waste valuable meeting time messing around with cables or settings.

Establish clear audio communication

Often one of the most overlooked elements of video conferencing is audio quality. Laptop microphones can have poor audio fidelity, so it is best to use an external microphone, a headset with a mic, or a phone to make sure all communication comes in loud and clear.

Center yourself

With regard to video, you should aim to be in the center of the frame, and don’t forget about adequate lighting. Enabling video in Zoom and clearly showing your face demonstrate attentiveness. Only enabling audio may give the impression you are multitasking and poor video setup could suggest you’re not invested in the meeting.

Ensure the best location

Make sure you’re located somewhere with good and consistent internet coverage. Having a stable connection is especially important if you intend on starting more bandwidth-intensive activities such as sharing videos and screens.

Check your surroundings and background

As essential as it is to be aware of internet coverage, it’s also important to pick a spot that’s calm, quiet, and lacks distraction. Your coworkers or fellow students don’t want to look at an unmade bed or other aspects of your personal life when you’re conducting schoolwork or business via Zoom. And be mindful of any noises that could interfere; barking dogs, construction and loud appliances could make it difficult for others in the meeting to hear you. To minimize the chances of this happening, you should always mute your microphone when not speaking. This way all participants can be heard clearly.

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