Alumni Brand Spotlight: HISAURA

Post Date: December 10, 2018

AAS Design alum Gabriella Wells is the founder and designer of fashion brand HISAURA, created to offer designs for all levels of ability. Her beautiful, flowing designs focus on the wearer. “We offer an inclusive approach to fashion design, providing a positive outlook on human abilities.”

Gabriella has a global perspective to fashion having lived across the U.S. and in Latin America. The overarching goal and mission of her brand is to bring a new standard of functionality and excellence to the fashion landscape. The silhouettes she crafts are fluid with a modern aesthetic, elegance, ease for the wearer and eye-catching definition in details of fabric and texture.

Her brand is inspired by her son who suffers from an extreme case of epilepsy hence her profound desire to become among the level of experts in the hindrances posed within products for individuals with various physical and cognitive challenges.

Over the course of her exciting and successful career, Gabriella Wells has been a part of various research projects and collaborations. In her work with the LEF Foundation she worked with top industry leaders and brought Parsons and Columbia University students which led to an invitation to be a part of Dior’s first mentorship program, ‘Women@Dior,’ created to help young women move forward in their careers.