AAS Graduates showed at FLYING SOLO during New York Fashion Week! Learn about students and brands below:

Post Date: October 26, 2018


A G A A T I by S H A L O N I  S H R E S T H A

Saloni Shrestha, 2015 Parsons alum, has several years of experience specializing in women’s ready-to-wear pieces and collections that tell the stories of nature, culture, and people. Born in the Himalayas, Saloni has been surrounded by the purity of nature, diverse cultures, music, vibrant textiles, and bold colors which are major influences on her creative process. Passionate about the impact she is leaving on nature, artists, and women, Saloni is leading her brand into the powerful and much-needed eco-artisanal future.


Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Bleis i began her brand a year ago. She comes from the personal desire to recover the quality of hand-finished female tailoring. “The most attractive piece of clothing anyone can wear is a suit” says Bleis. Her focus is on designing contemporary fashion in which each detail is tailored to perfection to evolve over time with its wearer – a bold, free woman, unafraid to express herself through her clothes.  

L   C H E R  P R I S E  A P P A R E L

Marine Delmau sees clothing as a catalyst for comfort and confidence. Her brand Lâcher Prise is about that feeling and versatility. The name comes from the French expression meaning “liberation achieved by detaching from the desire to control” and letting go of any emotional restraint. The concept is beautifully simple: to display this feeling through using materials thatcreate an extension of the wearers self, adapting to their skin and mood. Though breaking gender barriers of fashion and creative innovation, Marine translates fluidity into her minimal, sustainable, and multi-functional designs.

C E M R E   O K T A Y

Cemre Oktay is a lifestyle brand designed with intention. All Cemre Oktay pieces are hand woven and hand crafted, celebrated through the traditional methods of tailoring and lightweight construction. Cemre wrote, “Each look presents classic pieces exposed to imperfect fragility, just like the presence of nature, creating a continuous dialogue with the natural world.” It brings back her heritage from Turkey, which focuses on 100% hand-woven wool and ethically sourced hardware made in collaboration with local artisans. Due to this choice of resourcing, her brand is based in Turkey. She expressed to us her aim to manifest alternative possibilities to this fast fashion world, where we become more conscious about our clothes and where they come from.

Throughout her Parsons education, she learned, “designing is another way contributing to a society which we live in.” This community encouraged Cemre express her individuality and voice to the creative practice of fashion.