2019 Yayi Chen

“My artistic inspirations setem from my unique bilingual and international upbringing.  I grew up in both Spain and China, and was fortunate to be immersed in the artistic atmosphere of both beautiful and distinct cultures, which heavily ignited my passion towards fine art and fashion design.  

In my recent collection In Tran · sient, I am exploring the invisible identity of Chinese immigrant women in Europe in terms of their overlooked and objectified laboring body.  Through the collaborative process that I approached of combining fashion and performance art together with a community of artists from the same diasporic background, I aim to use our voice to empower immigrant women by pondering their struggle through my poetic and feminine vision on contemporary fashion.  Through the journey of experimentation and creation, I realized how fashion could become a way of applying art onto the human body, and ultimately becomes a medium of self-reflection.”


2019 Creative Systems Award Winner (Studied in the Collection/All-Gender Thesis Pathway)