Font Noise

Han Na

People express emotions through language. At this moment, in social media, it is very common to express one's feelings only with short captions. But people often face situations where they have to suppress their emotions. It may be forgotten in a moment, but the negative emotions that must be suppressed can be prolonged and, worse, traumatized. The more negative emotions are needed to be revealed and expressed, but people have become accustomed to displaying only their positive emotions. So how can the hidden negative emotions be displayed?

Language has a social meaning. We can understand someone's words and writings because language is a socially committed symbol. The social nature of a language has the advantage of enabling people to communicate, but that social nature makes people suppress the verbal expression of emotions. The artist, Hankyeol Na wants to destroy the social nature of these languages and make it possible to display negative emotions. To destroy the sociality of language, she noted the ambiguity of the form of pixels. The square pixels that become clearer as the digital image expands can be seen as destroying the original form in that they make the image harder to recognize. In addition, glitch screens and images with visible pixels on modern digital interfaces are used in the negative term 'broken'. This means that pixels have already begun to have negative connotations in themselves. Na thought that the nature of destroying the original image that pixel had and the negative meaning of the word itself was linked to the purpose of my work to destroy the social nature that the language originally had.

At a point where the visual effects from pixels can be linked to negative and pent-up emotions, Na was able to extract the keyword 'Noise'. Noise Font has a double meaning in that it displays both visual noise effects and an emotional noise behind open emotions. She interviewed eight participants about their feelings and took pictures of their portraits and used them as a basic material for visual work. In particular, Na created Noise Font to pixelate and destroy the original form of the alphabet.

Han Na is a Product Designer, UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer based in Seoul, Korea.
Han Na is a Product Designer, UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer based in Seoul, Korea.
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