interface automata

Zihao Chen

interface automata is a game-like interactive simulation, presenting a world of interfacing machines with autonomous behaviors to its players. These fictional visual, auditory and haptic interfaces have the abilities to operate themselves and merge with each other. With various types of peripheral devices such as touchscreen, camera and microphone, people can also interact with these automata. In this simulation, people are encouraged to develop their own gameplay.

As electronic interfaces around us are getting more sensing and communication abilities, they acquire the autonomous behaviors in which they engage without human user's intervention. In the same time that they are bringing us benefits such as versatility and convenience, these interfacing machines also change our views and experience in interacting with them. The goal of this installation is to explore how these changes are happening.

There are eight types of interface automata; each one has its unique function in activation and follows a set of rules. They can activate their functions in certain frequencies. When they are close to each other, they also automatically merge with each other, forming new entities. If there is no one activates interface automata, their usefulness will decrease to zero and they will disappear. Based on these rules, complex structures can be built and exhibit emergent behaviors.

Zihao Chen is a creative tech, designer and engineer who creates things.

Zihao Chen is 六六六。
Zihao Chen is a creative tech, designer and engineer who creates things.

Zihao Chen is 六六六。
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