Multidimensional Portals

Sonia Colunga

This project is not meant to be comprehensive…
It asks for an open mind
It is a project of transformation that happens through the sensations that one experiences, and these sensations are portals to other realities; They are doors that lead to a knowledge that is different than intellect and reason

This is an interactive multi sensorial experience that engages sound and color light vibrations, and specific hand positions to balance mind, body, and spirit.
Multisensorial Portals is an experience that helps us immerse in ourselves, allowing us the space to travel through the different dimensions of our soul to find out what parts of us are in harmony and what areas need a little tuning.
Simple exercises will activate this healing process and start unblocking any stagnant energy we might have, to clear space for the flow of our energy.
This approach also helps the user to learn the positions and stay in those positions to reach stillness.

This interactive multisensorial installation lives in the context of spiritual practice and wellness and uses the benefits of technology to help us balance mind, body, and spirit by focusing on seven chakras. Chakras are the vital energy centers in our body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to the immune system and emotions.

This study of the subtle body and chakras is rooted in the Upanishads —  ancient Sanskrit texts of spiritual teaching and ideas of Hinduism that talk about meditation, philosophy, and spiritual knowledge.
Each chakra is an energetic organ that links various aspects of the physical body to its non-physical counterparts, when one or more indicate under- or over-activity it means they are presenting some kind of blockage; the person is blocked. This project helps to unblock the chakras with the help of technology by sending vibrations that resonate with each of them. The use of sounds and colors, the practice of mudras (hand positions), chanting, and breathing techniques redirect the energy towards the area where the person needs it.
Unblocking chakras helps heal mental, physical, and emotional problems for oneself and others by keeping energy flowing freely through us.

When we feel physically, mentally, and/or emotionally exhausted it is a sign that some part of us is unbalanced and we must give it the proper attention because if we do not, blocked energy can lead to illness. This practice helps us go inwards to do a self audit and feel what parts of us are asking for our attention so we can focus on them and help them heal.

How does it work?
The user is positioned in front of a camera, and puts wireless headphones on to listen to binaural beats*,
LED lights are installed around the ceiling, and they shift colors when the user changes hand positions(mudras). Posters with the figures of the mudras and the names of their correspondent chakras and mantras are displayed on the walls of the room for the user to reference information about the chakras is also available before entering into the room.

Machine learning is used to track the body positions and mudras related to each of the chakras while the user interacts with the installation; when the machine recognizes the mudra, it automatically relates it with its corresponding chakra and then it sends the signals to activate the healing vibrations of its corresponding color and sound. The sounds and lights are synchronized; each of the sounds and color of lights are directly related to its corresponding chakra.

* Binaural beats. Tones of different frequencies that are sent simultaneously to each ear through headphones, the brain perceives a third tone, which is the difference between the two frequencies. The brain then follows along at the new frequency and produces brainwaves at the same rate of Hertz (Hz), thus becoming entrained to that frequency. This results in a synchronization of the two sides of the brain, known as a whole brain response. This state promotes deep relaxation, reduced stress, meditation, pain control, enhanced creativity, and increased focus and concentration that results in an increased productivity, when needed.

Sonia Colunga
experience designer / image maker / creative technologist
Sonia Colunga
experience designer / image maker / creative technologist
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