Ping Ni Chen

The film Savor is a visual and audio intervention of depicting the emotional states of a person during the act of eating. It aims to provoke the audience's own association with food and the meaning of eating. The screen switches between two configurations, either filling the whole screen or splitting into two sections, showing different camera perspectives alongside close-up view of the facial and body movements together with memories that were triggered by food. The film brings the audience along to the journey of mindfulness, ritual, and solitude.

What is eating? Is it constantly checking your phone while eating, or is it having your two hands involved and completely focused on your plate? I think we under appreciate the eating experience, as people we see it as a functional act, the only time we consider eating is with other people, our entire culture is based on this social interaction.
Eating is a multisensory experience, we look at the beautiful plating, smell the aroma, sometimes touch the food with our hands, then put the food in our mouth to complete the whole experience. Humans and food are two tightly knitted entities, from the beginning of our existence together. Foraging is an innate ability, our brains tell us to search for nutrition in order to survive. As a result, eating is an activity in which we engage everyday.

After the film, begin eating with your full attention to help center yourself, situate yourself in a comfortable spot and space, put away all the devices and to really “eat” for once.

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Ping-Ni Chen is a designer focusing on the relationship between human and food.
Ping-Ni Chen is a designer focusing on the relationship between human and food.
Thesis Faculty
Mattie Brice
Andrew Zornoza
Chris Romero
Ethan Silverman
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