A Map of Childhood Memory Exploration

Lino Wei
Lino Wei
Game and animation lover.
Thesis Faculty
Thesis Studio 1 Faculty: Sven Travis & Loretta Wolozin
Thesis Studio 2 Faculty: Chris Romero & Ethan Silverman

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A Book of Childhood Memory Exploration

I started thinking about homesickness and self-identification several years ago when I was in Vermont getting my bachelor's degree. The self-awareness of thinking about my family naturally led me to explore topics surrounding memory. I want to re-create the journey I had with my family so far as a design project so that I can transfer those memories into something tangible, a project that my family can view, a journal that tells my own story.
My project is experienced through an online virtual gallery of digital paintings, containing stories of memories growing up. Through this interactive online page, viewers will be able to click through to read and listen to a series of stories about my childhood. Every story has a painting to go with it. In order to show the concept of childhood memories, I chose the pixel art style to create these paintings because it is close to the old video games’ art concept. The process of making this project has been a way for me to tell my personal stories and express the relationship between me and my family.
I hope my audience will be inspired by my project and explore their own precious memories.