I Statements
Personal narratives speak about more than just ourselves: they extend past boundaries, situating stories within the multiple contexts that we intersect with. These texts tell stories as starting points, as initiations into experiences that manifest beyond the individual and into the social, the collective. Through explorations of family, personal struggles, and history, the story becomes the material.
Excerpt from Woven Data
Isabel Anguera

The Internal Monologue of a Millennial Immigrant
Chel Chan

Conversation with Myself
Jiaqi Liu

House on a Hill
Kathryn McCawley

Between me and clay
Jill Shah

Making the Question
As our lives become increasingly mediated, the digital tools that we incorporate into our routines and infrastructure become more sophisticated. These explorations examine the possibilities for the technology toolbox to tackle social problems, ranging from personal habits to public health. In addition, these projects consider how existing tools may be flawed, and imagine prospects for improving, modifying and inventing new ones.
Behind the Scenes of Oasis
Aya Nakamura


In the future, what will the evidence of human life look like? How can we look at our present day digital selves in order to understand the repercussions that these virtual representations will have for years, even centuries, to come? Whether through surveillance technology, mapping, or photos, our physical and digital identities are documented, archived and tracked. These projects intervene in or subvert our virtual selves, provoking alternative insights into our present and future.
Recommendation Day
Mary Ann Badavi

the Migratory Light
Sharon_Jia Chen

Reconstructing History through Memes
Pranjal Deep

Sherry Shao

Assembling information from a human perspective offers a frame to use technology for impact. Research and personal stories are woven together into a web of data that is enriched by the affective textures of history, education, and cultural inquiry. By centering lived experiences in the research process, these projects argue for deeper understandings of social and cultural realities as the foundation of making work.
there is no incognito tab: contextual research
Sohee Cho

Unheard Voices: Methodologies from the field
Bhavya Gupta

Seeing the world in the era of post truth
Dae Young Kim

On Baking Bread and Crafting Code
Jason Li

Two Sides to Every Story
Rosa Ng

InsideOUT: Scene Breakdown
Terri Wright

Interviews & Insights on the Stray Animal Problem in Modern China
Jiatong (Alyssa) Yu