PARALLEL is the thesis showcase for the graduating classes of Parsons’ BFA and MFA Design and Technology. It represents our shared experiences as a collective of students operating in a remote setting. We move forward in unity, undeterred by separations of space and time.


Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design gives students the tools to work with emerging technologies, develop their artistic practices, and critically examine art and technology’s relationship with society. It spans a wide swath of computational fields, including game design, interaction design, machine learning, new media art, and physical computing. Learn more about the BFA and MFA programs here.



This show would not have been possible without…

Isabel Anguera
Mary Ann Badavi
Chel Chan
Jia Chen
Sohee Cho
Joe Chung
Bhavya Gupta
Dae Young Kim
Cierra King
Kelly Kong
Jason Li
Valerie Lin
Esther Nam
Rosa Ng
Patricia Parnet
Danerick Peralta
Emi Sato
Taylor Su
Ege Uz
Yichan Wang
Ruihan “Ray” Xia
Vic Yeun
Benny Zhang
Shawn Zhang

Special thanks to…

Melanie Crean
Dylan Fisher
Anna Harsanyi
Kyle Li
Colleen Macklin
Sam Morrison
Ayo Okunseinde
Harpreet Sareen
John Sharp
Richard The
Sven Travis
Xin Xin


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