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Qingyi Li
Qingyi Li
Hi there👋, I am Qingyi, an experience and interaction designer. I design ethical, human-centered products and experiences that create a sense of togetherness in this diverse yet polarized world. I am an open-minded listener👂, an occasional dreamer 💭, and an improving dancer 👯.
Thesis Faculty
Richard The, Anna Harsanyi

Anywhere Door Collection is a virtual public space that treasures and shares stories of place. Through an interactive digital landscape that transports viewers to crowd-sourced locations revealed behind random doors, this project channels the desires, hopes, and memories of others, and features specific sites of longing.

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Creating a sense of togetherness in this diverse yet chaotic world is one of my goals as a designer. A shared experience of physical locations, in my opinion, is the most natural way to connect people. However, during the pandemic, mobility restrictions are imposed worldwide and impact people’s social and work lives at a great scale. As an international student, the work and study plans of my community are largely impacted. At one point during quarantine, I just wished that I could use the Anywhere Door to see what is really happening in Wuhan, to have dinner with my friends, or to tell my grandparents to not worry about me. I believe if there is a moment we need this door the most,it is now.

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