Dream Bubble

Rozi Zhu
Rozi Zhu
Graphic Designer & Creative Technologist based in NYC
Thesis Faculty
Anna Harsanyi
Anezka Sebek
Kyle Li
Richard The

Each font has its very own voice and personality. They provide different feelings and attitudes even when they are applied to the same content. Most of the typographies in daily life are used in printing or digital display on 2D surfaces. I wondered what would be different if a typography was born in 3D, and how its personality would be based on the carrier.

Dream Bubble is a typographic exploration of ephemerality. It contains studies and experiments on the physical characteristics of soap bubbles, and the recreations of digital bubbles using the 3D softwares. The Bubble Type is developed based on the organic nature and the special aesthetic of bubbles, which aims to bring joy and best wishes to users through visual arts.