Eco Steps Socks

Xueyi Zhang
Xueyi Zhang
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Thesis Faculty
Katherine Moriwaki & Andrew Zornoza

People waste a lot of money by throwing socks away. It's not a sustainable cycle. I want to create a pair of socks that don't need to be thrown out. You won't ever lose them, and these socks can be returned and recycled. In response, I created Eco Steps.

Eco Steps socks will be sustainable cradle to cradle and are designed for the circular economy model, which means that can be truly recycled or returned to the earth. I used organic GOTS certified cotton, which is cotton that has been audited to be both environmentally and socially responsible.

Eco Steps socks will be guaranteed to have lifelong quality and lifelong exchange. If the socks are broken and people return them, I will recycle them for you and give you a new pair. It feels like they’re getting a new pair of socks, but the factory side is recycling and reusing all the materials.

Eco Steps socks devices contain tracking technology that will help you solve the issue of lost and mismatched socks.