Terri Wright
Terri Wright
Terri Ayanna Wright, is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in New York City. She came to Parsons as a means of finding unique ways of bringing dance into digital space. She is excited to continue expanding on her story-telling capabilities as a video editor, through the marriage of dance, film, and visual effects.
Thesis Faculty
Aya Karpinska
Louisa Campbell
Katherine Moriwaki
Andrew Zornoza

InsideOUT is a speculative fiction short dance film. It tells the story of a distressed woman finding solace after encountering her anthropomorphized subconscious. As the dancer, choreographer, director, & editor, Terri’s aim is to combine live action with visual effects to share a self-portrait in motion - the film reflecting her southern black heritage and spirituality rooted in Afroasiatic traditions. This work is also the culmination of a production pipeline that imposes 3D camera tracking on motion-captured rigs as a tool for visualizing the spatial relationship between the dancers and the camera.

For more information on this project, including behind-the-scenes footage, feel free to stop by my website: