My Spoken Story

Minyue Wang
Minyue Wang
I am a UX/Product designer and industrial designer based in the New York City area. My work showcases my visual aesthetic, empathy nature, user research and problem-solving skills. I explore the future of education through electronic and physical product design. Outside of work, I love to travel, experience different cuisines and casual games.
Thesis Faculty
Dave Carrol
Chris Prentice
Katherine Moriwaki
Andrew Zornoza

Oral communication skills are indispensable in modern society. Self-expression involves communication and affects job performance, group discussion, socialization and creativity. However, this skill has only recently been emphasized by Chinese educational scholars, so teachers and parents have not yet paid attention and thought about how to guide children to improve these skills. This paper explores how to improve and educate Chinese children's oral expression skills at the beginning level and using tablet application.

My spoken story focuses on getting Chinese children to speak up by using a tablet application.  It gives children the courage to enjoy speaking openly and sharing their opinions. The project uses animation, children's own voices and actionable motion graphics to make expression accessible to children as a game. It is a stress-free and fun way for them to start expressing creativity openly and enjoy sharing ideas to help their future oral communication and learning.

How It Work


You can create a blank new story by clicking on my story or you can use an open-ending sample story.

Step 1

Create or select the sample story to start

Step 2

Watch and understand the provide story

Step 3

Pick up characters, drag and place the characters. Tap the character will give them emotion

Step 4

Pick up creations, drag and place into the position. It will interact with the character

Step 5

Press record, tell your story and use your fingers to move the characters

Step 6

Repeat step 3 to step 5 until the end of your story and combine your animation

User Testing

My Spoken Story conducted a special user test on the target population due to technology, distance, and language factors. All tests were done by paper prototype and it required participants to work with their parents. The following video demonstrates the process and results of the test.


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