The Hidden

Zhuyuan He
Zhuyuan He
Zhuyuan is an interaction designer, 3D generalist, visual storyteller and XR enthusiast. She is interested in making interactive experience and embedding playfulness into the design. Before making her transformation into design world, she was an engineer and developer. She is also a violinist and yogi who loves walking in the nature.
Thesis Faculty
Chris Romero, Ethan Silverman, Sven Travis, Loretta Wolozin

The Hidden depicted an underground totalitarian state that is ruled by a group named Spike. The story features a futuristic world where efficiency and convenience become the top priorities, whereas the individual’s emotions and feelings become unnecessary to be recognized. In this world, brain-to-brain communication has been forcibly adopted and the majority of people follow a similar life path that is largely planned out by the community.

As someone who was brought up in a culture and society where social conformity has played an essential part in daily life, sometimes it is hard to distinguish which parts of thoughts are mine and which parts of thoughts that society wants me to have. On top of that, the propaganda machine and technology go hand in hand in every corner of the world, make it more difficult to deconstruct the deep-rooted notions while different voices are not equally presented. I hope the story can be a way to help people keep questioning and challenging the beliefs that we hold out of habit and reflect critically about the world we are living in.

For the further interest of the story development, the detailed novel scripts at: