the Melting Empty Space the Migratory Light

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Thesis Faculty
Thesis I:
John Sharp & Barbara Morris
Thesis II:
Richard The & Anna Harsanyi

Constantly, people want to use photos to store the time they see as treasures. I firmly believe that photographs we documented every daily life composed us. In addition, I also use my photography to communicate with the world.

It seems that I had spent a year proving that time brings change, and things are not the same as I captured when I looked back into my memories. Besides, I want to figure out how our emotions belong and connect with the photos we captured.

I stated that the photos we took, but we never take a second look for a long time, like the city's abandoned space.
Because of the migration of people, even though the original space has always existed in a physical sense, but we called the areas "abandoned space," there is no longer has the breath of people in those spaces.

However, at the end of the work, there is a voice echoed in my mind, "Even if things are not what they used to be, if people will come back and take a look at it, it seems that memories can still come alive. Right?"

I believe that if the city falls into silence, human beings are its heartbeat.

The space we used to visit is gradually becoming empty, and the memories of it are melting away. However, whenever people pass by the glass windows of those empty spaces, the light of migration flows through the windows, the vibrant dancing life in this city.