ELAB FELLOW SPOTLIGHT: Gabor Tankovics (Design & Tech ’15)

Meet Gabor Tankovics: 2016 ELab Fellow & Founder of Dartboard. 

Gabor was accepted into ELab to develop his initial concept of Dartboard into a operational business, with the goal of reimagining student loan management.

Dartboard is a messaging-based service that intelligently automates and accelerates student loan payments, generating substantial savings for the 44 million US student loan holders. Earlier this spring, Gabor, Dartboard’s founder and CEO, was selected as the first representative from The New School ever into the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer’s (NCET2) University Startup Conference & Demo Day. In April, Gabor presented Dartboard as one of the 40 “Best University Startups” in the Nation, placing The New School in the national aggregate list of represented universities.

How does Dartboard work? Student loan debt has reached $1.3trillion, with over 70% of today’s workforce graduating with student loans. In this urgent context, Dartboard offers employers a SaaS solution to implement a simple and cost-effective student loan benefit as a hiring and retention tool. Through a proprietary account aggregation tool, Dartboard syncs to your student loan bills, tracks your income and spending patterns and executes your loan payments accordingly. Dartboard was an ELab startup in 2016, during which time Gabor and his team grew the initial concept of the company into an operating business.

Since January alone, Dartboard has helped users save over $40,000 in interest payments. Currently, Gabor and his team are launching pilots with employers to explore the B2B market and are leveraging events like the University Startup Conference & Demo Day for networking and investment opportunities.

For more information about Dartboard, visit their webpage: www.dartboard.nyc.

To contact Gabor for press and business, or for more information about the ELab Fellowship, email parsonselab@gmail.com.