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Parsons Entrepreneurial Lab Call for Fellows

Parsons ELab bridges the gap between academic and applied practices. ELab brings recently minted grads closer to the NYC entrepreneurial communities by redefining the post-graduate experience for a selected group of The New School recently graduated students to help transition alumni from students to entrepreneurs.

This fellowship is designed to help you get into a sector-specific accelerator or incubator in the greater NYC ecosystem.

For questions please email

Summarize the business background, development history, and your vision for its future, with particular focus on its social purpose or potential impact, its economic feasibility, and its potential growth in the next 12 months.

When did your business start and how long has it been running for?

Describe short and long term impact.

What stage is your business at and what are your current challenges?

If so as what? i.e. 501c3, LLC, S corp, C corp, B corp

Please also note any existing debt you may have.


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