Politics of Pockets with Kat Jungnickel

The Politics of Pockets: an exploration into material inventions
(and interventions)

This talk and workshop delves into a history of pockets. Drawing on archives, patents, utopian feminist literature and science and technology studies I explore pockets as socio-political mobility technologies that shape, and are shaped by, moving bodies, gender relations and the politics of place. I aim to suggest that these material inventions (and interventions) can be examined as a critical means through which different bodies are made to fit, both physically and ideologically, with ideas about being in and moving through public space. We will make some pockets, re-imagining how they fit our bodies, clothes and contexts. In doing so, we will start to question the nature of these holding devices – asking what kinds of work they do, who they enable or inhibit and what they can tell us about mobility and power.

Kat Jungnickel is a researcher and lecturer in the Sociology Department, Goldsmiths, University of London. Her research explores mobilities, digital technology cultures, DiY making communities and inventive methods. www.katjungnickel.com

Come and explore the politics of pockets and add new capacities to your work wear!

Tuesday, April 5th, 6-8pm
Room L702 (2w13th street)